6 sep. 2011

Kidsonroof launches the fabric collection

1. Bibs packaging; 2. Bibs round Tulips; 3. Bibs square Tulips; 4. Bibs round Cropfield; 5. Bedlinen packaging Roads; 6. Playmat Horses; 7. Playmat Roads; 8. Bedlinen jr. Roads; 9. Bedlinen jr. Horses; 10. Bedlinen 1 person Tulips; 11. Bedlinen 1 person Cropfield;

Kidsonroof's landscape fabrics stand for a whole range of ecological bed linens, bibs and play mats. There are four different landscapes: tulip fields with floating balloons, intersecting roads with cars going in unknown directions, crop fields that are being harvested and green meadowlands with playing horses.

A whole life can be imagined when looking at the landscapes. The fascinating patterns will kids and grown ups have discover new forms and figures over and over again. 
The collection is made of organic twill. Design by Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunder.

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