26 sep. 2011

Kidsonroof & Elle's Inside Design

Last weekend we exhibited our products at Elle's Inside Design. For only one weekend Romy and Ilya brought their forest house with them to the newly built houses of Ijburg, Amsterdam.
Ilya designed and built a bed/cupboard inspired by a treehouse. 

The treehouse with bed and our new organic landscape bedding....the cupboard filled with our Totems together with one of our new prints used for wallpaper made up for a new concept of a kids room.
An impression of a three house in a childrens room of a newly built house in Ijburg, Amsterdam.

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  1. Thanks for you comment, note that this bib is a bit smaller than the bend the rules sewing bib. The neck hole is about the same size however.
    I know what you mean about sizing up a book pattern... I hate it too. that's why the bib is in two pieces, so that it's ready to use hot of the printer!
    Thanks for post..

    Kids Bed Linen

  2. It is wonderful
    These are great pics...and the place is beautiful :-)

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