19 apr. 2011

FuoriSalone Milano 2011

Experience milano (Fuori Salone) in kidsonroof style

  1. Ilya at Kidsroomzoom! Kidsroomzoom impression.
  2. Lovely tiles at an old marketplace....inspiration. 
  3. Glasswork of Patricia Urquiola .... once we will be rich....and BUY!
  4. Flowering and blossoming Milano - with Romy's favourite yellow pink combinations
  5. Pasqua is coming to Italy. Wish the Dutch could make such parties of events like these, what a creations!
  6. Romy and Ilya wonder the streets - which country origins Romy from? 
  7. Kidsroomzoom with a lot of Trojan Horses by Alex Hellum for Kidsonroof.
  8. What can be done with plastic bags? Recycle and make fairytale like cups!
  9. We love the possibilities of recycling! At Zona Ventura a lot of recycling! Including plastic shoes.
  10. Kami vases and lamps collection by Ett La Benn. Check ettlabenn.com - we are fans!
  11. Denmark inspires with colors!
  12. Floris Hovers boats. Lovely, simple, beatiful idea. And surely Floris has lots of other great designs. 

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